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Through The Eye's Of Sierra Sky "Secret Life Of A Spirit Rescuer"

Sierra Sky's Bio

Born June 10th 1962 much to my parents surprise a Gemini twin....lived in England for the first 10 years of my life....until my parents packed us up and moved us to the United States...I served 12 years in the U.S Army from 1981-1993....

I guess you can say paranormal has alwasy been apart of my life....My Grandmother was with the Army of Angels, My Great twin aunts ran a funeral home...most of my life I have seen things out of the corner of my eyes but we never talked about it....

April 15th 2004 was my first paranormal Experience which I then couldn't shake it off as nothing living in Fort Wort Texas a haunted apartment I was terrorized by a spirit I call him a wizard living in fear I had no choice but to fight back and that is when my gifts surfaced...
I then started searching the internet for answers of what was happening that is when I joined Yahoo groups one was the Haunted Mansion where I met Ama Nazra www.sacred-gates.com and she took me under her wing and began to teach me as a Light worker in spirit rescue...
for the next 3 years I trained and started rescuing lost souls you see I was seen as a Beacon of Light for Spirits I have rescued all over the United States in May of 2005 I was in Milford New Hampshire for 10 days...rescuing children that were trapped in the attacks of victorian houses... I then joined the Paranormal Research Society in August of 2005 where I became the second owner of the group.... rescued in Chambersburg and Shippensburg Pa...as well I just got back from Alaska rescuing in Anchorage and Chatinika...I would have to say that the most memorable rescue was in Thurber Tx where the cemetery, a historical one, mostly of children passed away from childhood Illnesses....dates back to the late 1800 to the early 1920's....

I have also cleared out houses and cemeteries all over....clearing negative energy I have had my share of demons as well of incubus's.....
I am a automatic writer as well as a accurate tarot reader..I don't claim to be a medium but it all falls into the same catogory as a spirit rescuer, you can't have one without the other...

I have my masters in the following:
trained by Golden Pheonix and Lance Oliver.....
Shamanic reiki master
Reiki Master
Pheonix Rising Reiki Master....
I am working on a book about spirit rescuing and my travels as well a lot of my work comes out in poetry....


 I have many more attunement certificates but will not let me post them to my site unfortunately.

My Speech


Good Evening everyone, and welcome to our Haunting and Healing event, The Adolphus Hotel is absolutely gorgeous.  My name is Sierra Sky.   I am originally from London England. I moved to the great state of Texas over 32 years ago. I guess you can call me the skeptic in the bunch… I had to learn things the hard way, There is no better place to start than at my beginning…


Six years ago I went through a terrifying haunting in Fort Worth I was scared alone, no one believed me. I can tell you at that point in my life I was debating my faith, I know now that left myself wide open for a spiritual attack of the horrific kind.  I am not sure how my haunting started, there are many contributing factors.  I will have to let you decide….


Heading back to Ft Worth from Cisco one afternoon an overwhelming feeling came over me to pull off the road, so I did sitting in front of me reads a sign Thurber cemetery; I remember it took us 45 minutes or so to find the entrance.  Before I left I took a piece of a headstone, not for vandalizing, but more of a historical view.  I soon realized that I had made a mistake when my friends started seeing changes in me and my surroundings.


Things began to happen that I couldn’t explain…


I went back to the cemetery a few days later returned what I had taken, the name on the headstone read Maria, she was only 3 years old when she died.  The children that were buried in this cemetery died of childhood diseases little did I know there were 700 unmarked graves most of them children.


I scattered rose petals, and bouncy balls for the children to play with and apologized for what I had done, I made a promise that day to Maria that I would continue to take care of them and the cemetery!


I had been a resident of my apartment complex for over a year, and was looking for a bigger place in the same location. I was told by my apartment manager there was an apartment available in the front of the complex. After moving in and meeting my neighbor she told me that strange things happened in my apartment being a skeptic I didn’t believe her.  


In the beginning things would go missing money, keys, the remotes I thought I had just missed placed them, I was starting to hear voices and catching movement out of the corner of my eyes, I chose to ignore it.  My husband and I started fighting on a regular basis. I was waking up with nests of tangles in my hair, as if someone was playing with it when I slept, this started happening more and more.


One night I saw 11 children in my living room from Thurber cemetery.  We decided then, that we needed to consult a Ouija board, our goal seeking answers from the children we knew that we could trust them.  That was our second mistake. I was communicating with a little girl named Maria she told me she was connected to the headstone I had taken. I was finding myself more and more alone with the board.


 I did not know at the time that you need to protect yourself, and close the board after each use.  As time went on I felt like I was being watched, especially in my bathroom.  I could also feel heaviness around me, and when I would take a bath there was a magnetic force, pulling me to the drain!  This really had me frightened. I consulted again with the board this time a spirit came through by the name of Ron.  He told me that he was a firefighter that had fallen off a ladder in tower number two of the twin towers.  He had validated all of my questions thus far so I believe him.


 One night I was lying in bed, and I could feel the covers moving, something was crawling up my leg!  Immediately I looked under the covers, there was nothing there.  For the first time in my life I was scared…..Without going into detail I was attacked by an unseen energy!  I later found out that this energy was called an Incubus. I was being raped repeatedly night and day! This went on for nine months. I thought that by getting rid of the Ouija board these attacks would stop…I put the board by the front door with a bible placed on top of it.  I was going to throw it away on my way to work.  As I reached for the Ouija the bible that was on it, for protection was hurled across my living room and into the patio windows.  This shocked me I knew then that I was in a lot of trouble. I immediately picked up the board and ran outside threw it away in the Dumpster closing the door behind me……


When I got home later in evening I felt like I was being followed I turned around nothing was behind me.  As I got to stairs of my apartment there was this heaviness outside my door. Something was waiting for me that night.  I hurried into my apartment and slammed the door.  I ran down my hallway and jumped into bed.


When I awoke the next morning, the tangles were in my hair again.


Not long after that my husband moved out.   Now I was alone



I told one of my friends what was happening to me, I decided that I needed to get away.  So I went to New Hampshire for 10 days.


Though I was not being attacked anymore, I was feeling spirits all around me….I didn’t understand this. Then I remember Maria had told me I was a receiver!  My understanding is a receiver is one that receives messages from spirits that cross over.  Everywhere I went I was hearing spirits, asking me for help mostly from children, they told me they were locked up during the burning times in there attics of the houses around me…You see families fled to New Hampshire from Salem Massachusetts…From what the children were telling me, they were put in these attics, to keep them safe. I learned during that time that I was not just a receiver, but also a spirit rescuer….I could rescue earthbound spirits and I could bind the negative ones to a candle….


The thing that feared me the most was returning to my apartment, I knew that this demon was waiting for me.  When I opened my front door my apartment was ice cold, almost like it was breathing off of its own energy.  Over the next few months, I was seeing faces in my carpets, Mirrors and candles. I later found out that I was scrying.  This was a form of divination. 


I had closed off my bedroom, my bathroom and the hallway; I started sleeping on the couch to afraid to go back to my bedroom. The attacks were now happening several times a day.  I could not focus at work, even got sent home for sleep deprivation…after 16 hours of sleep and a week off of work. This was still happening to me! Again, no one believed me.  I found myself Isolated with no where to turn.  I was convinced that the angels could not hear me…I posted on my window in white shoe polish big letter  that red Angels help me please!  I got no response


Though I was never thrown up against the wall, I was terrorized in many other ways.  One Night I was chased down my hallway by something! I remember seeing a mass black cloud above me.


 Without thinking I ran into my bedroom, and climbed onto my bed, I could feel this thing sitting beside me, breathing down my neck I was crying hysterically, night after night in fear of the unknown. I was speaking in a language that I did not understand.  I believed the pits of hell were now opened.


I was now spending my nights sitting at the local I Hop to afraid to go home.  Someone told me about a local metaphysical shop, called the Enchanted Forest; some of you might even shop there.


This was when I decided to fight back….I was tired of living in fear and knew if I was going to survive, I would have to take control.


I walked around that store for 3 hours one day, afraid to talk to the clerk, afraid of what he might think of me, I believed this demon now possessed my body.  Gathering up the courage I spoke to the man behind the counter told him my story. I found out that day that I was not alone and help was out there.


Driving home put on my spiritual armor and planned my attack.  I was going to run into my computer room lay candles across the threshold of my door locking myself inside …..I turned on the Mercy Me soundtrack so that this demon could not hear my thoughts and jumped into a circle of candles, I remember falling to my knees sobbing and praying….I asked god to help me, as many times before only this time I believed that god heard my prayer.  Weeping, I promised I would spend my life teaching others that they are not alone, they are not crazy and that this happens more often than told….I woke up a few hours later with a peace stone that I had purchased at the last minute at the Enchanted Forest in my hand…Inside that stone was a face! I do not know what happened to me…you see I lost time.  I do know that I was saved by God!


I fled Texas soon after, I wanted to …try to start over……try to forget! Put the past be hind me


The first few months were peaceful, I was learning about earth bound spirits, joined a couple of yahoo groups for the paranormal, Google was my saint……I was like a sponge absorbing information via the internet.  I had made friends and was getting the help that I needed to move forward and understand my horrific ordeal


One afternoon while living in Pennsylvania it happened again, the demon was back….He had found me or so I was convinced…..I immediately put a plea out to The Paranormal Research Society group for help!  The response was overwhelming!


One of the people that contacted me was a woman named Ama Nazra she lives in Australia.  Not only did she take care of this demon!  She took me under her wing, and taught me, demonology spirit rescue and working with Arch Angel Michael that was 5 years ago I am sure by now you are proberly asking yourself what an Incubus is. I am here to tell you that a Incubus is a male demon that attacks woman sexually.  There is also succubus or succubi a female that attacks men both of these demon’s pray on the negative the alone they manifest and become stronger through our fears and soon become our worst nightmare.






As time grew on I moved back to Fort Worth… I was ready to deal with my own demons but most of all ready to move forward.  I moved into my Mother’s house and got a job at a neighborhood bar little did I know this particular bar was haunted.  The bartender had been shot between the eyes when she was checking a customers ID at point blank range.  At this bar I learned the lesson of balance that the dark has the right to be there too.  During that time I learned about negative energy and manifestations and what happens when you stick your nose into somewhere you don’t belong, things started happening My beer bottles would break on there own, jukebox would play without anyone being by it, lights flicker, noises coming out of the store room.  I was always taking pictures one night we noticed in a picture that there was an open vortex so I put together a team to come in and close it….This angered the spirits that were there.  We successfully closed the vortex, but the spirits opened up another, we did send 17 spirits into the light including the bartender.  Because of the vortex re-opening I left the bar, I was warned that if I stayed customers would be hurt.  My boss passed soon after I left



During this time I had met the Lion I honestly believe that if it was not for him I may not be standing here today…Talk about our angels and timing. He came into my life gave me a safe place to stay and the opportunity to write my book and get it published.   I did not realize at the time why I wrote my book I just knew that I had to!  I realize now it was for these events I have only tapped into a small part through the eyes of a Spirit Rescuer for me it was rewarding to write not only did I channel my book, but in the 8 months that it took me to write each day was a healing step for me……



The Lion and I grew spiritually over that time.   along the way we met marlys she is the teams picture reader she could be taken back in time and shown the tragic events, she also tells us where demons are lerking together us 3 and  a vision, Spirit Rescuers was created.


  In this vision I wanted a place that all paths could come together in true tolerance and know they are not alone.  So on January 11th 2008 Spirit Rescue on Ning was created. At the same time the Ning group was created we also created Spirit Rescue 2012 on Yahoo groups.  Since the creation of Spirit Rescuers on Ning we have grown to almost 2500 talented family members.  Through SR we have helped many people across the globe with a haunting.  What is amazing about this site is people from all over the world with many different paths come together in one community we all look out for each other.  Of course like any Family we have had our issues, but again like Family we make it through these trials knowing that these are just life lessons 


I have been clearing negative energy from houses and people for many years!  Now with my team our emails are flooded from people desperately needing our help… Not only do we go in and remove the demons, we also clear the families and heal the land. Our team is also called on when other investigators come across an earthbound spirit, we then go and move them into the light




I am often asked what my most memorable rescue was?


I would have to say the summer of 2007


That summer some friends of mine invited me to Alaska, for my birthday, not sure why, but felt like I needed to go.


I arrive at DFW Airport and the girl behind the counter knows me.


When I arrive in Anchorage within a few days I find a job Bartending at this lodge close to Fairbanks.


At the airport heading to Fairbanks the clerk behind the counter loses my Id... it hit her badge and bounced off it was never found


I received several phone calls from my soul sister Enixer begging me not to get on the plane! She stayed in contact with me through my entire ordeal!



I arrive at this lodge and immediately pick up spirit activity I stay in the bunkhouse that in the past was use for coal miners


I come across an article on the wall that reads Stricken by Earthquake a Tidal Disaster Aug 16th 1935 killing 100 people.


I knew then what my purpose was.  I was to send these trapped, by traumatic death, into the light I was learning to rescue through music.


One night in my room I heard on my small clock radio, the song:


In the arms of the Angels by Sarah McLaughlin I realized then it was time for those to go into healing and sent many on there way

The following day the person that hired me later fired me he asked that I leave his property I found myself on the side of the road alone in Alaska no Id and no place to go!


One of the employees heard what had happened and picked me up along side the road he took me to his abandoned house for shelter. No one lived there because of water damage I was alone almost 24 hours.


This time of year in Alaska there is only four hours of darkness I needed no flashlight to find my stay


I called my friends in Anchorage and tell them what happened; they spend hours on the phone with the airports.


I made it back to them in time to celebrate my birthday


I leave Anchorage a few days later with no Id and I am heading back home!


Why my favorite rescue? I believe that God Angels, and guides had a part in this..


You see Enixer, Richard and Tina did not have to be there but they were. I found out during that time about Earth Angels these 3 people were at the right place at the right time. Everything happens for a reason we may not have known what that reason was, but we did in time.


My lesson was simple I realized for the first time and for once I believed that I was indeed a Spirit Rescuer



I have come to learn that life is about lessons you see our lives are planned out before we are even born. I believe that each of us are appointed a guardian angel through those lessons we learn, no matter how traumatic things maybe we seem to survive.  Remember when you are feeling alone call on your angel, have faith in your guides.  Follow your gut instincts always trust in your heart. And when you hear that little voice in your ear, take note, you are not crazy!  But most of all the people that you stumble across on your path are the ones you will always have a connection with. I have shown in my rescue in Alaska, that everything happens for a reason, though we may not what that reason is.  Have faith someday you will.  Even though there were many warning signs, I knew in my heart that I still had to go.


Our paths will lead in many different directions down that long winding road. In the end where does it take us, our last leg, and our journey home!


Live you life to the fullest, have faith in what you do! Always project your goodness out there the universe will return good things to you



The most important thing to remember is that you have to ground center and shield. Charge your shields everyday or whenever you feel that negative energy around you.


I had to learn my lessons the hard way; my haunting was my wake-up call.  I realize now that I had to experience all of these things you see I know what it is like to be haunted scared and all alone.  I understand what other are going through. I lived it…I also the know the many energy signatures that come along with this  As the veil between the worlds gets thinner, more and more people are going to be terrorized. They need to know that help is out there


Over the years many have asked me, how can I stand before you and tell my story, my answer to them?  How can I not….


Thank you everyone


copyrighted 2009