Spirit Rescuers

Through The Eye's Of Sierra Sky "Secret Life Of A Spirit Rescuer"

Sierra Sky Visits the Murrah Bombing Memorial

Sierra Sky visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Museum and Memorial.  The trip was taken on the 4th of July.  The trip was a very emotional.  From the time we entered the Museum we had chill bumps and a few tears fell.  This was tearing at my heart strings from the the time we heard the recording from the Water Board to the moment I walked out the 9:03 gate.  I felt the most while walking through the field of Chairs.  This is where I could actually touch the names of those that were lost. One of the reasons we went was to pay tribute, but also to rescue any spirits that needed to go into the light.  Seven followed us around all day and 26 were rescued later that night at the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas

Photos from the Visit