Spirit Rescuers

Through The Eye's Of Sierra Sky "Secret Life Of A Spirit Rescuer"

Send them to the Light

A common method that at least has the advantage that people might
actually have heard of it.  It's also a method that is simple yet effective, particularly as
guides and helpers will fill in the gaps around a medium's experience
and understanding regarding the presented situation, much as they
will thankfully try to do whatever way we work.  Therefore if a medium is aware they have a rescue situation then their desire and intent to help can be focussed by a simple prayer for the spirit to be helped, and guides will provide the means via
the inclusion of 'the light,' which is presented as a portal or gateway to the spirit realms.

The mediums then have to mentally encourage the spirit to enter the
light or make them aware of who is there in spirit that has come to
collect them and take them on, this I believe is the basis of rescue
work in that we can gain their attention where it is difficult for
spirit to do so. They may also need to engage the spirit in other ways depending on
their emotional state and beliefs, so this is where the therapy aspect comes in when the spirit needs to move past restrictive emotions, thinking and beliefs which have prevented their progress. Perhaps they may be afraid to move on due to guilt or shame, or they feel they don't deserve it, sometimes they have been told by negative
spirits that it is a trick or deception, so naturally these are all aspects which have to be considered and possibly explored to assist a spirit if they prove hesitant or reluctant to move on.

I initially used to use this method as I was unaware of any alternatives until being introduced by spirit to other options, basically the portal to the spirit realms should be something the earthbound spirits can best relate to and this isn't always 'the
light' no matter how welcoming it appears, so sometimes spirit will provide something like a wonderful garden or countryside scene in which to attract them before taking them further. The style of portal is also dependant on our own expectations, and as
such if we expect to see 'the light' then that is what guides will provide for us to relate to as well. Whatever is presented be sure to sense the situation and confirm it's
worth, as deception isn't unknown to occur during rescues if negative spirit remain free to play their games. Similarly be sure to test the guides and helpers present too, you
have a responsibility to ensure that all is as it should be without placing total faith in your guides to cover for your mistakes, they after all want us to learn and be aware, and not be limited by complete reliance on their control such that we abdicate
responsibility for the part we ourselves play within the team.in particular beware of bogus guides or helpers coming to remove those to be either rescued or cleared.



Rescue with Music

I am no longer the little lost sheep I found my
message tonight through music I want to keep the group up to date on
what is happening because some of you have been with me through the
learning process (wink) what so rainbows in the candle means anyway?

Wow Lance thanks!!! well tonight working today I have been very
tired and the message was hard to understand I couldn't focus I
notice that as I began to write my hand writing was changing... I was
lead inside and back to th computer I have an amazing story just not
enough time to do it these days....when I was in the beginning of my
journey I was frightened and that experience led me for a 2 years to
allow my subconscious to produce images and scary things anyway I
downloaded some songs to comfort me for I was lost by fear....
In sending them to healing tonight i did it thru music I didn't know
that you could actually do that wow!!!
Song # one (I believe) by Brookes and Dunn helped me focus and gave
me the courage
Song # 2 (I can only Imagine) mercy me...I could see images inline to
go home I wondered what that would be like for them....
Song # 3 Keep the candle burning (point of Faith)I saw rainbow
colors in a circle around the flame of the white candle...
with my energy I made an energy ball and pitched it up to heaven and
made a circle
Song #4 (when I get Where I going) Dolly Parton and Brad Paisley as
they were heading up into the light....amazing! !!
Song # 5 (soulshine) Allman Brothers my favorite song...got me thru
some tough times...
let me tell you this when you rescue spirits and they are home your
soul does in deed shine...

Scene Rescue

This isn't a term you'll generally find within rescue circle
terminology but I can't think of anything else which better describes
the nature of this method. It basically involves using a common means of visual 'clairvoyant'
perception between ourselves and the spirit concerned, i.e. their
environment or 'scene,' and by manipulating it gain the necessary
vibrational adjustment to help them progress beyond their present
condition.  It's a very useful method in that it provides something we can relate
to on our side of things as well as spirit, and while it may not be
an absolute reality, these mind games have the required effect in
raising the vibration of those needing help to the point where guides
and loved ones can take over.

It's something that can be done by well intentioned beginners as well
as veterans of rescue work and is a very suitable introduction as
it's typically a gentle but very effective way of working, and again
is frequently tailored to those earthbound spirit brought along by
guides who will best respond to it.This then includes those whose limited awareness and 'consciousness' means they are locked within a projected reality of their own making,
while having limited ability to perceive alternatives provided by
guides. it will frequently mean they are unaware even of the presence
of such guides, fortunately they can be made aware of those trying to
assist on our side of things.

The idea in most of this scene work is to assist one spirit or a
small group, but in doing so a great many others gathered by spirit
helpers will be made aware of it and will share in it also, and it's
this aspect that makes it so productive.After all, if they've gone to the trouble of collecting a hundred or so earthbound spirits for us to assist, then it's going to take an
inordinate amount of time to help all of them individually. Therefore
we focus on one or a small group as presented, and the rest follow
what happens and respond as they are able, and all have the
assistance available of spirit helpers skilled in this field of work.

Scene rescue typically involves manipulating an earthbound spirit's
environment or 'scene' within which they exist, so if for example
they perceive themselves as being somewhere dark and grey you
mentally begin to gradually change this for something brighter and
better.If they are aware of being in your house for example and have no
projected scene as such, then one can be mentally introduced to them,
so in this case if they were in your bedroom you might project
another scene within that space that they would then be aware of, you
could fill a space in the bedroom with a garden, an amazing park or
even a sizable chunk of countryside if you wish as size really
doesn't matter with mind games like this.In fact it's not even necessary to be in the bedroom at all as any location will do so long as you can be aware of what is provided by
way of a scene, the spirit and their location within the house.

It's all about getting their attention onto something better and more
attractive than their current predicament, so you may choose the
scene but it's better to be aware of what is suggested by guides, as
they will have a good understanding of what a particular spirit or
group of gathered spirits will best respond to.
This is why they may present an individual spirit for help and then
suggest the optimum way of helping them scene wise, but they will
also have gathered a crowd of others who have experienced a similar
situation and will also respond to that individuals assistance as
they can readily relate to it. So you may find children gathered, soldiers, those who have drowned and any number of other categories where a group fit a particular


Trance Rescue

Some rescue mediums advocate the use of trance in this work, and
while this can work extremely well I've not actually found it to be
essential as standard mediumship is quite adequate.
Therefore although it's an area I've worked in it's not an area in
which I have any great expertise and it's certainly not in my opinion
a pursuit for the faint hearted, as it can take quite some strength
and control depending on the nature and caliber of whoever you are
bringing through.

Trance rescue excels in helping those who need the reminder of
physical life together with the 'therapy' aspect of persuasion to
help them realize they have died, and to assist them in resolving
whatever issues have prevented them from moving on.

Naturally each style of rescue work is suited to a particular subset
of earthbound spirit who will best respond to that particular method,
together with the personal qualities of those involved on our side of
things. Therefore guides will bring along to a rescue circle those
most suitable for us to assist with our adopted way of doing things.
It also means that if this is your chosen method of working, that
should a competent trance medium not be available, you have
additional ways of working so as to not be limited in this respect.