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Through The Eye's Of Sierra Sky "Secret Life Of A Spirit Rescuer"

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Sierra Sky, a British born woman with a biker’s style and a take no prisoners attitude

when it comes to demons and incubus, has always been a part of the paranormal

world in some way. Sierra rescues lost spirits from just about anywhere

and everywhere in the world. No matter where she goes, spirits tend to call for

her, attracted by the bright light some people say seems to radiate from her.

Though most of the spirits needing her help are children, she has rescued older

spirits before. While she makes no claims to be psychic what she does, falls in

the same category. Spirit Ascension, ridding houses of negative energy, automatic

writing and tarot readings. A Shamanic Reiki Master and writer, Sierra

documents most of her travels and spirit rescues through poetry, sometimes her

poems are prophetic.

It’s in her Blood

Sierra’s grandmother was a member of the Army of Angels and her great twin

aunts ran a funeral home. Because of her family lineage it came to no surprise

when one day she decided that she would follow in the footsteps of her family in

helping to rid evil and save the good. Well, it did not exactly happen one day, out

of the blue. There was, of course, a reason. Some would consider the magnitude

of her story too much to bare while others just might not believe. As you read her

story we will leave that part up to you to decide.

How it Began-Sierra’s Story

About 9 months ago, I was deciding on changing my faith, I am British born In

England left there when I was 9 years old...my Ancestors on my mothers side

were all practicing witches, and I was a Christian . I taught Sunday School

Etc...So I was debating about changing my path to Wiccan!!! I had a friend that

was a Warlock that called me one night and told me that a Dark Wizard had been

sent my way, to get me to cross over to the dark side. Well I didn't believe him

but this wizard did indeed find me. I have questioned if he goes back to my ancestors,

and had hunted me down. A lot of things started happening in my

apartment; things disappearing, things lining up and then there was me. I was

being attacked during the day and at night by some unseen energy. All of a sudden

I was automatic writing and staying in my computer room. I was afraid to go

into any room of the house ,so I stayed where I was comfortable. In my automatic

writing all these spirits were coming through especially children.


The name Michael kept coming up, it was the Arch Angel Michael I know that

now. I believe I was being protected! At night a dark shadow would chase me

down my hallway. I would cry hysterically and I was really afraid to the point

that when I got home from work, I would sit outside until daylight. I went to a

local store called, the Enchanted Forrest, and they sold me a protection stone,

a peace stone, an amulet I wear around my neck and a couple of quartz

crystals. I went home and put my shield of armor on and fought back.

Somehow I trapped the wizard in the stone but the incubus remained and still

attacked me. I was seeing faces in my carpets, I mean evil ones, Satan, children,


When I took a shower there was always something with me. I felt like it was

washing my hair! So I decided to move and put all my things into storage and

fled to my mom's. However, even there things were going on. I saw spirits,

faces, and was still being raped; Though nothing was lining up and the magnetics

were gone. I went to PA to be with my boyfriend and try to start over

and though I was still having spirits attach themselves to me, the Incubus was

gone. However, after about 3 months the Incubus came back and started raping

me all over again. That is when I decided to join a paranormal group called

Haunted Mansion and write my story under “Being Attacked” Ama Nazra of

sacred-gates.com emailed me. Ama wrote me back and gave me the Arch

Angel Michael Invocation to send spirits to healing and clean the house, confirmed

it was an Incubus and it was gone. To this day the incubus is gone but,

this experience has opened up a lot of gifts. Later I found out that I possess

abilities that a medium would have. Now I can handle things better, I am more

understanding and spirits seem to attach themselves to me all the time. The

Wizard is under my watchful eye and has been binded, we know that now we

have a name for him thanks to researching and my friend Trix.

It seems to me that he found and terrorized me because 13 generations ago

my British Ancestors killed him over a dispute for services. It has also been

validated that he left his host about the time he found me and hasn't been

seen since


Got questions for Sierra Sky? Going through the same

or similar thing? Want to know more about Sierra Sky’s

rescues, and team? Visit her website at:



Internet Interview  

Lightworkers Healing Federation


Interview with: Sierra Sky

Uwe : What is your spiritual background, religious background (if any), spiritual training, paths studied, and meditations practiced.

Sierra :  I am a Lightworker more specifically a Spirit Rescuer.  I have studied 4 years under the direction of Ama Nazra.  I have 3 Masters in Rieki, I studied under Lance Oliver and Golden Phoenix.  Before I started on this path I taught Sunday School.


Uwe : Why you are here: What has brought you to the LHF - what do you hope to get out of, contribute to, and experience? What do you hope it will enable you to accomplish?

Sierra :  I am here to learn.  I figure the more I can learn the better I will be equipped for any situation I may come across.  I also feel I can contribute from my personal experiences and teachings.


Uwe : What is your long term goal in life?

Sierra :   I want to make a difference in the world.  People need to learn that no matter what life deals you it can be overcome.  I feel no one is dealt more than they can handle.  Every experience is a life lesson


Uwe : In what part of the world do you reside?

Sierra :  I reside in Texas U.S.A.


Uwe : What are your interests (books and/or authors, movies/television, hobbies, activities:

Sierra :  I like to watch the Television show “Ghost Whisperer”, I also like to watch reality shows.  When I read I usually read something to help me on my path. 


Uwe : Tell me something about your profession/work, education, clubs, etc

Sierra : I am blessed and am given the opportunity not to have to work outside the home.  I am an Author; I am currently working on a collection of my Spirit Rescues.  It is due out in Early June.


Uwe : You’ve an wonderful Yahoo Group/Website,please give us the links and some informations about them:

Sierra : I co-own three paranormal groups on Yahoo, a ning community and two separate websites.  They are:

Spiritual Occult

Paranormal Research Society

Spirit Rescue 2012

Spirit Rescue on Ning  www.spiritrescue.ning.com  This is a place for all paths of Lightworkers to come together

Sierra Sky Website  www.spiritrescue.webs.com   This is my website it has ways to shield, stories and poetry from various authors.

Spirit Rescuers Website www.spiritrescuers.org   This site is about my team. It is actually still under construction so it is changing often.



Uwe : Your Conclusion:

Sierra :  I feel that all paths need to come together to support and learn from each other.  “No matter what path is taken, We all come together in the circle of Life” I say.


Uwe : Many thanks for this interview dear Jane.

Sierra :  I want to thank you for this opportunity to help get my views out for all to see and hear.

Dallas Morning News Article Nov 1 2009


Paranormal experts search for spirits at Hotel Adolphus Haunting and Healing event


 Paranormal experts search for spirits at Hotel Adolphus Haunting and Healing event
12:00 AM CST on Monday, November 2, 2009

By JOY TIPPING / The Dallas Morning News

For some people, the haunting doesn't end on Halloween.

[Click image for a larger version] Photos by OSCAR DURAND/DMN
Sierra Sky, who helps earthbound spirits move into the next realm, moves her arms as she feels a spirit's energy at the 'Haunting and Healing' event. Sky tried to track down a ghost on the hotel's 22nd floor, where a spurned bride supposedly hanged herself.

On Sunday evening – on the day after Halloween, when all the spirits are supposed to be nicely tucked away for another year – a small group gathered at the Adolphus hotel in downtown Dallas to talk about "Haunting and Healing."

Organized by Dyan Garris, who lives near Tucson, Ariz., the event also took place Friday and Saturday nights, drawing about 100 people total. Sunday, only five curious souls showed up, but they got the full ghostly experience, hearing from four experts on various aspects of hauntings and how to deal with them.

The Adolphus' own alleged ghosts were merely incidental to the event, but added a lot of fun for the attendees, said Garris, a clairvoyant, psychic and energy worker. "Our main purpose, though, was to help heal people who are being haunted and attacked."

Dealing with ghostly doings can mean psychological work with both the haunter and the hauntee, moving energy around in a positive way or other techniques, said Garris and Rita Louise, a medical intuitive and naturopathic healer. Sierra Sky, another of the experts present, performs spirit rescue, helping earthbound spirits move into the next realm. Derik de Leon, the fourth member of the group, is an intuitive and healer.

The visitors who showed up Sunday, at a cost of $20 each, seemed motivated mostly by curiosity. "I'm a definite believer, and a hopeful seer" of ghosts, said Elizabeth Gardner, 39, of Allen. She gingerly held a lavender crystal pendulum by a chain as de Leon taught her how to get spirits to use it to indicate "yes" or "no" to questions.

"I'm sweating," she said, although the room was chilly.

"That's the energy coming up through your hands," de Leon said, nodding.

A brief ghost hunt ended on the hotel's 22nd floor, at the foot of a staircase where a spurned bride supposedly hanged herself. One area, a guest said, was definitely colder than the surrounding space. All three pendulums held by the paying visitors vigorously spun in clockwise circles – that's a "yes" – when Sky asked if the bride was present.

She then asked the bride if she wanted to "go into the light."

"Yes" again.

Everyone became reverentially quiet as she performed a ceremony to help the spirit along.

"Are you still here?" she asked later. This time, all three pendulums spun counterclockwise, for "no."

Margaret McConnaughy, 55, of Van Alstyne said that when she was at the top of the "bride stairs," her hearing aid suddenly went dead; the experts had explained that spirits' energy can wreak havoc on electronics and batteries and such. After the spirit-rescue ceremony, the hearing aid came on again.

The group plans similar events, Garris said, probably again at Halloween time because that's when interest in the paranormal peaks.

"Our e-mails are flooded with people who need help," she said. "And people need to know that they're not alone in whatever they're experiencing."