Spirit Rescuers

Through The Eye's Of Sierra Sky "Secret Life Of A Spirit Rescuer"

Sierra Sky

My Early Insights

I have always had the passion to write I was pretty good at expressing myself through words
that always came to me naturally through poems ....just pick up  a pen start writing
Written a couple of children's stories in  the late 90's but that was it!!!

Thought a book of poems was what I wanted to do at the time since then things have changed

Looking back through the past 10 years I have come to see that some of my poem were actually messages
that was being given to me.   For Example:

Summer of 1997 Caldwell Texas a poem called "Serenity" I wrote

Summer of 1999 Caldwell Texas wrote a gospel song by picking up the word and opening it to
John chapter 8 verse 12....My Chorus.

"I'm the light of the world he who follows me shall not walk this world alone come out of the darkness
and then  you'll see a place that we call home"

September 15, 1999 in Caldwell Texas 3:50 P.M. waiting to pick my kids up at the bus stop
I felt the need to write so I grabbed a pen and envelope and starting writing 5 minutes later I had this message.


3 hours Later..

 Larry Gene Ashbrook walked into the Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth and
shot rounds of ammo into 150 youths during a youth rally....
I lost my brother that day my dad dated his mom for 10 years Joey Ennis 14 years old died instantly first time at this church....
He was my daughter's best friend...she never got over this....


            Joey Ennis                                        Cassi and Joey

11/7/1984 - 9/15/1999


The Castes of the Children of Light
and their Guardians


They gather the Chosen, those who feel the "Calling". It is their task to show the path the chosen may follow. The Gatekeepers explain the changes, the increases in people's psychic abilities and answer any confusion they may feel. When the time is right they are given a choice ... Who 'calls' them? The Guides and Guardians. The Angels.


Will you fight when you are called, my champion? Is this a question you have heard in your dreams? There must be balance. For every good an evil, and it is the evil that we fight. The Warriors are our Knights, protectors of us all, and the right hand of the Angels. Their Guardian is the Archangel Michael. You will know if you are a Warrior 'caste'. It is part of your blood.

They are the gatekeepers of humanity, drawing to them lost souls so that they may find their way into Heaven. They take on those truly lost in anger, fear and hatred, and those truly in the Dark, so that they might all find healing.


Those who walk the Healer's Path have the most difficult choices. In the world today there are so many healers. You meet them all the time, everywhere, in the 'real world' and often on the Internet. Their task is the task of tending small wounds for now, giving comfort and a listening ear (or eye). Their Guardian is Raphael.


There are those who must stand and watch. Is this the hardest of the callings', to do nothing when you desire most to be of use. The guardians protect our loved ones, those who are not 'called'. They will stay when we go to fight. They will watch ... as is their calling ... Their guardian is Gabriel, she who faces God.

They are the most creative and artistic of the Children, sending the message of Love through their artworks in all fields that require creative endeavour.


The Pathfinder is divided in two. Not only finding the right 'way' for people, but also having an overwhelming need for knowledge. These 'called' are the Seekers after old wisdom, the makers of legends. It is their task to fill us full of knowledge, from the past and into the future. Of all the 'called' they are the most clairvoyant. They 'see' but often cannot speak. Their guardian is the Uriel, our Spiritual Teachers.


Like the Pathfinder, the Teacher seeks knowledge, but it is of the world today and mainly of the future. They raise their children to know of the new age coming, and give us joy in learning. They will build a new world when this pattern is complete .. for our children. Their guardian Jophiel, the peacemaker.

Used with permission from Ama Nazra  www.sacred-gates.com 

After Death

What Happens When ... A person dies.

They gently and completely separate into the two entities, the
material vehicle which dissolves, or is cremated, and the spiritual
being. In this state, before healing, they are the whole
personality, faults, fears, beliefs, emotions, feelings, illnesses,
wounds .. everything.

The being is greeted in some form, by family or angels or whomever
will be the best person for that person to see. They are taken into
a place of healing and this is where the 'miracle' happens. Our
personality is formed from our life experiences, and beliefs etc
(see previous list), but that personality is not the true self, but
only an aspect. In this place of healing the being releases the
attachment to that personality, and all its constructs, and is for a
moment 'perfect' and without flaw as our Creator made each of us. In
that perfection all things are possible, and it is from that point
that the being is then given back all that they have been in the
lifetime they have just left - so that they can work through it from
the point-of-view of an event that is outside themselves.

It is as though the being is viewing an internal movie of their life
in surround-sound 3-D with all emotional content, with every sense -
all noises and smells, all understanding of motives of their every
thought and action .. the why, the how, the who .. and the
understanding that they chose the lifetime and everything that
happened in it that were doorways into their 'new' understanding of
themselves as a perfect being of Spirit/God - from a detached

In that perfect moment they also know who they are now, and who they
have been in all their other lifetimes and everything they have
learned through them, and in a sense they know God, for they can see
that aspect in themselves. And from there we choose the next step -
whether it is back onto the karma wheel and into another lifetime,
whether we have 'time', or a rest, in the Spirit Realms, whether we
choose a different path and become Spirit Guides. There are many
possibilities. It is always up to us.

Those who have taken their own lives go through the same experience,
but because they understand all that lead to their ultimate choice,
they willingly go back into 'life' to finish that particular
journey. The only ones who do not go through this process are lost
souls, until they go into healing, and no matter how long they have
been lost, or what they did to put themselves here, they are also
truly Loved and completed Accepted. It is the greatest gift Spirit
can give up - unconditional Love.


Used with permission from Ama Nazra  www.sacred-gates.com