Spirit Rescuers

Through The Eye's Of Sierra Sky "Secret Life Of A Spirit Rescuer"

Gospel Song


This was the first gospel song I ever wrote.....thought I would share

actually a story behind this...about 8 years ago me and my husband got into a fight...I would hide on our property to where he couldn't find me... He was abusive....I took off with a pen, paper, bible and a bottle of tequila.... I was on a mission that day to get drunk... I remember sitting under a tree...writing and looking at the bottle to make a long story short...I went home 8 hours later

the bottle of tequila never opened and the bible opened on this verse Joshua 8

this is what I got can't hymn the tune though lol


As I look up in the sky o heaven a light shines down on me
The clouds open up the sun shines through a feeling so real to see
now the clouds they form an image a person in white I know
and they came a voice I heard in my ear he said child let me tell you soo


I'm the light of the world he who follows me
shall not walk this world alone  come out of the darkness
and then you'll see a place where we call home

Now I find myself searching for heaven
I look up in the sky to see
the clouds are still there the image they form
in my heart it comes from me
now the spirit has filled my soul now
that light still shines down on me
the gates open up and through heavens door
is the place that you'll find me


I'm the light of the world he who follows me
shall not walk this world alone
come out of the darkness and then you'll see
a place that where we call home

As I look up in the sky to heaven
the people on the ground I see
there doing there things most of them sins
I wish I could help them see
that we are all god's children
created by him alone
His presense we feel sometimes so real
he warms our hearts just so

(chorus again)



Copyright 1999 Sierra Sky All Rights Reserved

A Tribute to Joey

A few years back here in North Texas something happened...
It was the Wedgewood Church Shooting that killed several teenagers that were in the youth meeting on a Wednesday night....A gunman came in and started shooting....One of the teenagers shot was my daughters best friend and my father's girlfriend of 10 years son....I grew up calling him my brother
Joey Ennis he was 14 years old when he took a bullet to the head...and died instantly....I at the time was living in the Bryan/College Station area...I was sitting at the bus stop a  few hours before he was killed.......I wrote this poem not knowing at the time this had happened....This for the kids that lost there life that night...
The skies a blue, the clouds a haze
The knowing of god's will came upon me today
To seek his children far and wide
and to bring them back by his side
The children sometimes have a lot of fear
Not knowing where to turn our father is here
as adults we bow down on our knees
Lost children of the world do as they please
Angels are found in heaven and on earth
they are assigned to each of us at our time of birth
all children need to be saved by god's grace
and know in there hearts his eternal place
we need to spread his word to the kids
and bring each of them home like Jesus did......
I found out about the shooting 3 days after it happened....
I often wondered if I knew before hand.....I guess I will never know...
Copyright 1999 Sierra Sky All Rights Reserved

The Lion and His Angel

The Lion and His Angel



The Lion and His Angel complete opposites it seems

The Angel works in the light the Lion has visions that he sees 

The loyal Lion he protects her with strength and courage as he roars

He waits patiently for his Angel to head back through the door


This earthbound Angel she’s paranormal day and night 

She rescues lost spirits and sends them to the light

When her work is over exhausted she comes home 

To lay beside her Lion who sits proudly on his thrown


Fighting the darkness recharging is what she needs

For lost without her light lost souls could never leave

So this is there story first step of a long journey 

The Lion and his Angel in perfect harmony



 Copyright 2007 Sierra Sky All Rights Reserved



This one was typed in 1998
Here I sit under my favorite tree on my husbands property
a feeling of peace beholds me branches blowing in the breeze
Over here my hopes and dreams are free, a place where it's just god and me
The skies are blue the leaves are green squirrels run from tree to tree

I call this place Serenity
created a picture of heaven's scene place to come
somewhere to dream
The cool wind blows through my hair the sun warms my heart despair
I am closer to god when I'm here I know he answers all my prayers
Here I'm able to warm my soul and get my life back in control
whenever I'm lost and can't be found come over here and look around
I'll be sitting under my favorite tree on my husbands property!!!!!
Copyright 1998 Sierra Sky All Rights Reserved