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Thurber, Texas

Thurber, Texas
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Coal-mining facility at Thurber, Texas.Thurber, Texas, is a coal-
mining ghost town in Texas located 75 miles west of Fort Worth in
Erath County.

Coal mining operations began in Thurber in 1886 and reached a peak
around 1918-1920, with a population of approximately 8,000 to 10,000.
At the peak, Thurber was one of the largest bituminous coal-mining
towns in Texas. Established as a company town, the mining operations
in Thurber were unionized in 1903 and Thurber became the first
totally closed shop town in the country. By 1920, conversion of
locomotives from coal to oil reduced demand and lowered prices and
miners left the area through the 1920s.[1] By 1935, Thurber was
essentially a ghost town.

Nationwide, there are several thousands of people whose roots go back
to Thurber. Today, you can visit historical landmarks in Thurber such
as The Thurber Cemetery, which has over a thousand graves, the
restored St. Barbara's church, a restored and furnished coal miner's
house, New York Hill, and much more. A historic Thurber smokestack
can clearly be seen from a highway near Thurber. You can also visit
The W.K Gordon Center, a museum containing information on historical
Thurber. You can also visit the historic Smokestack Restaurant.

The Hitchhikers

My Grandson was born at 6:45 February 26th 2 days after my youngest daughter:)  I actually missed the birth of Hayden I  bought a scratch off ticket and won 5 dollars I never play....On the way to Abilene we still didn't know that he was born they induced her that morning but last heard Cassi needed oxygen and Haydens heartbeat was dropping she was at a 7...As we got halfway there we have to pass the Thurber Cememtary the one that I had adopted a couple years before half buried there are of children in unmarked graves..I started feeling that there were spirits in the truck with us...The energy was incredible scared my boyfriend after about 15 minutes...So I put on the Brookes and Dunn song I believe right at that very minute my daughter called me and said that she had a baby boy 8 pounds 10 ounces and that she had to have a c-section because he was so big...She had no clue that I was almost there...Hayden Cole my grandson (smiles) is a true blessing and when I look at him and his little eyes are trying to adjust I see the light in him and it shines I am so glad that when he starts asking about things and imaginary friends I hope that I have been thru will guide him into whatever his precious life will bring him.... I will spending the next 2 days with my daughter and bonding with my grandson then my work week starts..Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as Cassi is in alot of pain...


Child at Thurber

Thurber cemetery is about an hour from FT.Worth Tx..we got a late start that day....when we reached Thurber we wanted to go to the historical museum to check out information on the town...They were closing but they went ahead and let us shoot pictures..my best friend talked to the guide people. I walked around when I came back she told us about a cemetery on the land of a family a prominent one and the cemetery was there and we could check it out and take pictures as long as we didn't enter...
The cemetery is small about 7 markers there...old old ones around that was a fence... I headed over to the Catholic church on the grounds and took some pics...now not sure how it goes but the church and the house we either originals on this land or they have been built on tis land but not at the original place...
A spirit of a child  a boy took my hand and was leading me he took me to 3 areas
the first was a sand pit thinking sand box like red sand surrounded by a one inch border of wood that was it...Then he led me to the front of the cemetery by the frontage road but still on holy ground nothing was there I am thinking got was where one of the buildings use to be church ...
Next he lead me behind the Catholic church and onto a dirt road no longer on the property out pace picked up some...I immediately went into the Arch Angel Prayer for negative energy I have come to use that a lot but not really lately as I was walking with him I said it twice...He led me back onto the ground again..The final place we went was to the house I looked into the windows and you could see a replica of the kitchen so sweet and peaceful...
I noticed that out there i had a bad earache my left ear I mean it hurt I was covering my ear and going ouch...
painful..The walk down the road I believe was that negative spirits energy evil can not get onto the holy ground but they were trapped by the spirits negative that was on the outside of the perimeter....negative energy and so fort can't come on top the grounds so he had me clear the grounds first? once cleared I did the Arch Angel verse twice...when I cleared it he was done...by doing this did he show me where the church and house stood at one time and then me clearing the perimeter allowed him and his family to follow me to the cemetery across the highway and by the Smokestack Restaurant....for there final journey as I was sending all the spirits to the light..over there!!!! what do you think am I right....

Trouble after Thurber Cemetery by Sierra Sky