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Through The Eye's Of Sierra Sky "Secret Life Of A Spirit Rescuer"

This page is dedicated to my Best Friend and Brother, Bones

We wanted to dedicate a page to you!!!  My best friend who I almost lost.....You'll never know how much you truly mean to me!!!   It was one of the hardest things that I had to go through....

Trouble after Thurber Cemetery by Sierra Sky

Yea this day was an incredible day for the Both of us one we shall never forget!!!

The musuem is on the Website:)

We got to Thurber in the afternoon and the Museum was closing, They were nice enough to let us go into the musuem I took pics and bones talked to the people working there....They told us about the Cemetery of the Family and that we could go over there and take pics but not to enter....Remember that you have to respect the spirits....and walk lightly:)

Almost immediately I was lead by the little boy and notice that when I do go into a cemetery anywhere!!! The children seem to be the first ones to lead me to there Headstone...
The first thing I did was clear the perimeter of the cemetery for negative energy using the Arch Angel Michael Prayer my Spirit Rescue teacher gave me that way the ones buried could leave the grounds and go over  to the Thurber Cemetery with us and sending them to the light with the other children.

The Child's name was Maria she was 3 years old I saw her one night in my apartment with 10 other children.
Josie was the one spirit of the woman that watched over the Children at the Cemetery......at Maria's Grave I wanted to put the poem of the message the night before, she has a bouncy ball in there I went back to Thurber a couple of weeks ago with the Lion her ball was the only evidence that we were there...the jacks and the Dinosaurs were all gone...Woah just hit me.

At the time that Bones got the chill down his back I was actually energized at first which I usually am after a rescue that night we sent hundred's of spirits to the light...Bones told me that he could see streaks of lights going up from my hand like tails of shooting stars I believe that it was energy of the lost children going up to the light:)

The rest only bones can tell...I will put this in as a final thought.....

Bones had been sick for a couple of months and I believe in my heart that the Children of Thurber had indeed gone into the light but I still think the negative energy inside the cemetery were a little more than upset for what we had done
Bones it took me along time too get over the fact that you were with me and that it was my fault I went through the what ifs

Like if he wouldn't of come with me to Thurber Cemetery would this of happened to him?

Could the children of given him a sign?  He was very sick and needed to go to the Doctor?

I Co-own a Paranormal Group on Yahoo Groups called The Paranormal Research Society we have over 4300 members a lot of people prayed, Sent Reiki (healing) and Lite Candles Val The Founder of our group Kept a candle lite everyday!!!!

Now Bones finish this  incredible story....

One comment on reading your story you actually did a Life's Review...part of the healing process when we cross over..

It wasn't time for you to go yet!! We have more rescues to go on once you are back to par 110 percent...

We wanted to dedicate a page to you!!!  My best friend who I almost lost.....You'll never know how much you truly mean to me!!!   It was one of the hardest things that I had to go through....They wouldn't let me go to the hospital I believed Bones that I could of pulled you out of your Coma you are a brother to me....I love you...

While I am typing this the song Believe by Brookes and Dunn is playing in the background!!! Just one more sign that goes to show you that yes....There is something more after we pass on and we can experience signs in our everyday life, if we just Stop Look and Listen...

Happy Hauntings
Sierra Sky

Bones' Accounts of the Day

It was a nice day when my best friend Dakota and I started out heading to Thurber Cemetery. The reason for the trip that day was for her to release the children that had been stuck there for so long into the saving light.
 This was my first trip with her, and I hope it isn't the last, but it did almost become the last for me. Not because of being scared or frightened or anything like that. I have seen and experienced things that most people either refuse to believe in, or just have not had the opportunity to anything paranormal.
When we first arrived we went to the museum that was just about to close. The lady there was kind enough to let us make a quick visit. After we left the museum, we ventured over to the old Church and a small house that was an original Thurber house. I started to explore the grounds and surroundings. After just a few minutes I noticed Dakota walking around the property, with her hand out as if she was either leading someone around or vice versa. I decided to just watch her at this point. Later, I found out she had been contacted by a little boy who was stuck in this place.
We then ventured over to the old Thurber Cemetery where most of the graves were those of children, who had died in the late 1800's and early 1900's, from diseases like pneumonia, small pox,etc.
After walking around for a while just looking at the headstones, Dakota said it was time for her to start the ceremony to send these children that were trapped here to the light, a much better place. Right as we were setting up, it started getting dark, so she headed to the back of the cemetery. As she proceeded to send them, it got dark pretty fast.I set up my camera and video recorder to tape this experience. And what a wonderful experience it was.
As we were leaving it was completely dark now, and she wanted to find the one grave of a child who's name  I believe was Josie. The only reference she had given me was that it had a gate around it, and there was supposed to be a little bouncy ball she had left in there before.Well as you can imagine,it's pretty hard to make out name on headstone from this period in the daylight,much less at dark. There were a lot of graves that had fences and gates around them. Just as I came upon one, I thought I saw a little green ball inside of a gate so as I started to open it and holler for Dakota, she hollered, NO ,not that one,it's not hers. Well at about the same time as she hollered, I started to close the gate,and it was a lot harder to close than it was to open.
After that she found Josie's marker, and said a few words and we started to make our way to the entrance. As we were just about to the gate and I felt a cold, chilly wind go down into the back of my jacket and I shivered,just as you would if you got a cold chill. I asked her if she felt that and she said no. So I just blew it off.
Well, as we were heading back to the Ft. Worth area, we were going to meet two friends at a bar. As we were driving, I started feeling worse and worse,like I had a cold that was coming on fast. When we got to the bar, I felt like shit,and it took all I had to drink just half of my beer.
I told Dakota that I wasn't feeling well and could we just go. After I dropped her off, I headed to my house. By the time I got home, I was feeling pretty bad.
I talked to Dakota a few times after that, and then the next word she got was from my wife, telling her I was in Medical Center of Arlington, in critical Condition.
This is what I can tell  you. On March 7th, I was sitting at my house after not feeling well for over a month. I figured I just had the flu or something. Well at about 8:30, I could hardly breath,and told my wife she better call 911. Now I remember the ambulance coming to the house, and entering the emergency room. After that everything is a blank,I woke up from a coma 11 days later, with one of those tubes down my throat and 1 tube coming out my side. They told me that there were three tubes there to begin with,and they ere able to remove 2 so far. I was told that I had suffered from pneumonia so bad that it also caused two puss pockets to form in my right lung,and that they had almost lost me twice. I was in ICU for 28 days and then had to go to another hospital for 17 days to learn to walk and use my limbs and muscles again.
I now have 10 days from my life that I cannot account for, but I do remember a very few significant things that some may believe and some may not,but I know what I experienced.
I can't say exactly when,but I know that while I was out I experienced a crossover to the other side. I have visions of snakes,eels,death surrounding me in a very nasty place. Not fire and all that stuff that people say they saw, but everything I saw was either dead or was attempting to end me.
Then I would experience peace,and comfort,like all the problems in my life vanished,and I was finally at peace with everything. It was beautiful. I experienced both of these worlds for 10 days.
And one thing I do remember very vividly is, I was walking towards a door, not in a tunnel or anything like others say they experience. As I got closer to the door I could make out the stature of a man, a man I knew, but couldn't see his face because the light behind him was way to bright. The way I knew this man was by the way he stood,or you can say by his stature. As I drew closer I realized this man was my father. I was never able to see his face, but I remember telling him, I am really not ready to go yet,and at that he said ok, see you soon, and at that the light grew dimmer and he turned and walked into the light.
When I first awoke from my coma,it was about 2 am. I was paralyzed from the neck down, because of the medicine they gave me to keep me from trying to pull the tube out of my throat if I awakened. I could not speak,and the only thing i could see was the ceiling. There was no one in my room,and for the first time in my life, I was truly afraid. I had no idea where I was.
After laying there for what seemed an eternity, a nurse came in and saw that i had tears coming down  my face and she gave me a brief explanation of what had happened and gave me a shot to put me back to sleep until the next day,when my wife, and my doctors came in to tell me what had truly happened.
When they finally took the tube out of my throat,my first question to my wife was, when did dad come see me, and at that, she reminded me that my father had been dead for three years.
I know we all believe there is life after death, and some are not quite sure, but I know when I die, I will be going to a very peaceful and pleasant place,and there is NO DOUBT in my mind about that anymore.
I want to thank my wife,my best friend Dakota,and a friend I call Mystic for their prayers.My thanks also go out to all those that prayed for me during this time.
Dakota, I love you forever,and we are best friends forever.
I have included a poem that Mystic wrote while I was in a coma. 

I pray for healing energy for you, Bone.
Many parts of your life it can renew.
Beneficial results for many a day,
Releasing those blocks along the way.
For adults, children or an animal friend,
Healing energy does lovingly descend.
Joy comes to heart as I pray God for assist 
With the physical, emotional and spiritual. Higher Power, flows through these hands,
Easing your aches from life's demands.
Surge to mend your health.     Archangel Michael our great protector. Shield Bone from bad energies, overcome the obstacles. Give Bone comfort and strength, sent by God Clear his path for a safe and spiritual journey. Purify blood stream through his vessels, Bone to bone, joint to joint, fiber to fiber Let him regain his health to serve God.  

Copyright 2007 Mystic

Ken Layman