Spirit Rescuers

Through The Eye's Of Sierra Sky "Secret Life Of A Spirit Rescuer"

Arch Angel Michael Prayer & White Light Sheilding

Arch Angel Michael Prayer (Negative Energy)

 In the name of Jesus Christ, 

Archangel Michael, 
Remove all attachments from me, 
All negative energy forms, 
All negative thought forms, 
All heavy energy forms. 
All small demons and large demons, 
All humans in Spirit and take them Home 
All intruders and mischief makers, 
All astral forces and dominants, 
And living humans who try to steal my energy. 
All threads and bindings 
All cords and ties 
All chains and devices of any kind 
All curses and hexes on any level 
All karmic patterns that are self-defeating 
Return me to my perfect energy now please 
Thank you.


Creating the White Light Shield for the first time:

Bring to mind an egg. If you can't imagine one go and get one out of
the fridge. Put the egg pointy end down in your hand. Now in your
mind make the energy of that egg bigger, huge, large enough to
surround your whole body and even bigger. That big egg is created
from white Light, one of the most protective forces in the Universe,
Love, and it is now right in front of you. On the side of this big
egg is a door, open the door and step into the egg. Close the door
and it vanishes. You are now inside a protective shield which extends
far above your head and right into the earth under your feet. That is
all you need.

This shield is good because it allows you to 'feel, see, and act'
within it without limiting your perception. What it does not allow is
for you to receive other's negative emotions nor any attaching energy
lines they might want to give you so that they can drain your energy.
And ghosts, unless they are already anchored into your energy, have
to stay on the outside of the shield.

White Light Shielding

For everyone who feels they need a little spiritual protection, and
particularly for empaths learning to control their abilities, this
simple little white light shield is very effective.

It also works for those people who cannot visualize anything to save
their life. You can 'decide' to have it as well and it is just as

A white-light shield does not cut out all of the emotions that people
broadcast unwittingly, it protects the wearer from the overload
created by absorbing other people's energy. For those empaths that do
not understand their gift, nor have the ability to control, it gives
them a safe haven to exist in until they do. You can wear a shield
all the time if you feel comfortable doing so, or choose to only put
one around you when you come upon circumstances that challenge you.
It is the 'thought of a moment' that creates it. I teach people to
protect themselves for a reason - because we need it. I don't teach
them so that they will separate themselves from others, and certainly
not from those people that need our help. But you cannot help another
person if you are overwhelmed by what 'they' are feeling.